Statement on LAUSD School Board Zimmer's June 18 Resolution (Link Included)

(Gabe Rose, Deputy Director for Parent Revolution)

Although this resolution was written without any input from Parent Revolution or the parents who are actually using this law, we are supportive of many of its goals.

We support public meetings and public notice of school data – whether in relation to Parent Trigger campaigns or otherwise – that give LAUSD parents more information on the state of their children’s schools.

And we also support the letter and spirit of the resolution’s emphases on accuracy of data and options available to parent, and on non-manipulation and non-intimidation of parents at Parent Trigger eligible schools, because the process by which parents have organized and operated Parent Trigger campaigns already complies with this.

We cannot, however, support the full resolution unless it addresses the most pressing issue with the law today, which is the continued harassment and intimidation of parents – too often by district staff using district resources – who are trying to organize to improve their children’s low performing schools. If the resolution is amended to provide real protections for parents and real transparency that will allow them to communicate with their entire community, we will be happy to support it.

And these dialogues must be held in an environment of civility and respect. Any resolution that takes seriously the idea of open dialogue must also effectively enforce rules designed to protect parents that are already on the books (as codified in the CA State Board of Education regulations).

As long as we can all agree that intimidation, misuse of power, and other unsavory behavior won’t be tolerated in the public square just like it wouldn’t be allowed on the school yard, we are fully in support of open public debate -- because it benefits the parents and kids of LAUSD.


To read the full resolution, click here.  Board Member Zimmer's resolution is #45 on page 17.


Having personal experience with a predecessor to these Parent Trigger controversies, I oppose Mr. Zimmer's resolution and support Mr. Rose's response. It is easy for newspaper editorialists to call for open meetings and transparency, but who gets to chair those meetings, and who sets the agenda? I have had personal experience of LAUSD administrators' abilities to conduct unfair meetings and to exact payback from those who oppose them while trying to serve the best interests of students, and suggest that Mr. Zimmer's resolution, if passed, will end the Parent Trigger process in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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